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by Grayson Schaffer | on April 17th, 2009 | in FeaturesFriday was puppy day at Wildrose Kennels, in Oxford, Mississippi.Three litters went home with people who had flown in from as far asMichigan, Washington, and California. I met my mom in Memphis, where werented a car and drove down to pick up our new pups—hers from replica Tag Heuer WAB1120.BB0802 Men's Watch Whiskey and Piper and mine from Hamish and Carol. Here’s the highlight reel.My moms pup and his sire, WhiskeyMy moms pup and his sire, WhiskeyWait, Whiskey, Nooo! Greg Long, the 26-year-old big wave surfer from San Clemente, California, won the grand prize at the ninth annual Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards for the Ride of the Year Category.

Long Received $50,000 in recognition of his performance at the Red Bull Big Wave Africa event held at Dungeons off Cape Town on July 26, 2008.Long made the winning ride without the aid of a PWC, or Jet Ski, him the only one in his XXL replica Tag Heuer WAF111Z.BA0801 Men's Watch category to do so. The wave was close to 40 feet on the face, and it was quite arguably the best tube ride ever successfully completed on a paddle-in wave of that size, said Bill Sharp, Billabong XXL’s event director.

The company only has produced 3 models, the most recent model of which is quite the achievement. The watch is called the Model C Seconde Metronomique and features a 1 second Metronome on the dial! Absolutely ingenius and so pertinent to the brand. The previous Model D and Model M watches are more focused on paying tribute to the replica Tag Heuer CAF2110.BA0809 Men's Watch aesthetics of the Steinway Grand and are beautiful watches in their own right. The Model C Seconde Metronomique has been released in a few different versions and features the same case as the other models, measuring 43mm x 26mm and 30m Water Resistance.

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Before they can close in, ask if they’d like to pet the dog. Then tell them the dog has to sit first and ask the Petter to try to use calming pets on the head and shoulder rather than going straight for the belly. Or, you can just return the favor by heavily petting the stranger or hisher companion. I’ve never actually tried this, but I think you should. replica Tag Heuer WAF1112-FT8009 Men's Watch Extreme temptation: Small children, good food left about, and a constant stream of interesting strangers in close proximity—these all pose a stiff challenge to even the most focused dog. The Opportunity: The lobby is a great place to practice some basic, leashed obedience commands like leave it, watch me, sit, and down. 3. Cougars 4. Long, empty hallways: Late at night or after a few drinks, these can seem like a good place for some off-lead time.

Hallways provide environmental cues (i.e. he can’t wander away) to stay close, even though the carpet smells of everyone who has passed in the last several days. The Opportunity: Practice an off-lead heel with the added distraction of the smells. You’re still in a confined space where you can get hold of him quickly if you need to. 5. In-Room Time: There’s no end to the trouble a dog can cause in a hotel room. The Opportunity: replica Tag Heuer WAF1111.BA0801 Men's Watch Crate training. Hopefully you’ve used a crate straight through from the first day you’ve had your dog. Crate training your dog is critical for any sort of travel, whether you’re in a car, on a plane, or in a hotel. When your dog is in the room, he should be in his crate. If he can stay without your closing the door, even better.

As an avid pianist when I was younger, and a great appreciator of classical music now in my older age, I was very pleased and surprised to see a Steinway Sons watch! Little did I know that this company has been around now for a few years replica Tag Heuer WAF2110.BA0806 Men's Watch now (around 2007 I believe), and makes some VERY interesting watches that pay tremendous tribute to the Piano in their design. I cant afford their pianos (Mine is a Yamaha Baby Grand), but maybe I can afford their watches Where theres a will, theres a way!

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Wii has sold nearly ten million game systems since American sales began in November 2006. At least 6.5 million Wii Fit, the popular exercise program, have been soldl. Wii claims video-induced injuries are not its fault: electronic prompts interrupt players on a regular basis, recommending frequent breaks. “It’s a syndrome of injuries and people presenting with complaints thatwe couldn’t have imagined three years ago,” said Dr. replica Tag Heuer WAF2111.BA0806 Men's Watch John Sperling, a physician at the Mayo Clinicin Rochester, Minn. Dr. Sperling once treated a 22-year-old whose arm had swelled to twice its normal size after a marathon Wii session.Nick Heil wrote about the Wii fad last summer.Melanie LidmanHave you been injured playing Wii? Fess up in a comment below.

by Grayson Schaffer | on April 17th, 2009 | in FeaturesCome, sit down.Dog-friendly hotels provide an interesting training environment, and few hotels are as dog-friendly as the Ritz-Carlton at Bachelor Gulch,in Beaver Creek, Colorado. (The hotel even has it’s own mascotLabrador, Bachelor.) Here are some of the challenges you’re certain toencounter with a cute dog in a nice hotel:1. Aggressive petters: These are the folks who replica Tag Heuer CAF1111.BA0803 Men's Watch fairly dive in on the poor (lucky) dog and, in no time, have him sprawled on his back like a cockroach receiving affection. Meanwhile, the handler hangs onto the leash and tries to pretend like he doesn’t notice what’s going on. The Opportunity: Learn to identify these people from a distance and beat them to an interaction.

Just posted a Youtube video of my Eterna Cambridge Pulsometer Automatic Chronograph watch. I havent had a chance to do a write-up on this beautiful little watch, but will probably put one up one of these days. This is one of my favourite Eternas, and has one of those dials that everyone comments on when they see it. Its a bit on the replica Tag Heuer WAF2112.BA0806 Men's Watch small size at 38mm, but wears pretty good when mounted on a Di-Modell Chronissimo or something like that. Hope you guys enjoy the review!

calling it Wii Knee or replica Tag Heuer CAF2112.BA0809 Men's Watch Nintendinitis

Patients of all ages are complaining to their doctors about a variety of aches and pains stemming from their overuse of the popular Wii videogame, the New York Times reported. Doctors are calling it Wii Knee or replica Tag Heuer CAF2112.BA0809 Men's Watch Nintendinitis.“Skateboarding, snowboarding, you name it,” Dr. William N. Levine,the director of sports medicine at NewYork-PresbyterianHospitalColumbia University Medical Center, told the New York Times. “Take the newest fad, andthere’s always a slew of specific orthopedic injuries associated withit.”

Im not sure what has been done to earn it a Caliber 16 designation, but it does have gold-etched lettering and cote de geneve striping on the rotor and bridge. It does not have a Chronometre COSC certification, however. Finally we have the bracelet replica Tag Heuer CAF1110.BA0804 Men's Watch shot. The Carrera bracelets are among Tags best designed bracelets, and feature individually machined 5-piece links, with the polished thinner links actually separate pieces fromt he larger brushed ones.

Very nice detail. Clasp is a semi-hidden machined and signed piece with dual push-button release and a machined hinge, a nice upgrade from the Formula 1 and base Aquaracer fliplock bracelets.Overall a very nice Tag Heuer piece. replica Tag Heuer waf1120.bb0807 Men's Watch With most of my friends that have no interest in watches, they are always looking for a Tag Heuer (Or a Rolex, but assume Rolex costs too much). So Tags are always of interest to them, since they always want to buy one. As long as the price is right, and the look is right, theres always someone in the market for a Tag.


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Chaired by the director of the city‚Äôs art and history museums, C?§sar Menz, the panel included such renowned connoisseurs as Catherine Cardinal, Osvaldo Patrizzi, Ren?© Beyer, Patrick Cremers, Eugenio Zigliotto and Joe Thompson. Click here for the full storyFran?ßois-Paul JourneFirst a short introduction; besides my brick and mortar replica Oris watch specialty shop in The Hague, Netherlands, (Horloge Platform Nederland), I run a few watch related web sites (f.i.horloge and watch-store).Through these web sites I receive quite some watch related email as well of course.Here’s an example found in in my email todayIk heb een redelijk goed imitaite horloge van het merk Rolex, gekocht in Japan; dit is een automaat.

Nu loopt het horloge niet meer en mijn vraag is of dan de automaat echt kapot is en of dit een dure reparatie zou kunnen zijn? Jeffrey replica Patek Philippe watch Veenma Original Dutch textI own a quite good replica of a Rolex, bought in Japan; it’s an automatic.Now it doesn’t run anymore and my question is if the automatic construction really broke down, and if this could be an expensive repair? Jeffrey Veenma Translated in EnglishI really don’t know what to answer the guy.If someone has an idea, please file under [comments] and I will send it through to him.Gerard

Today I checked my mail-account which is attached to another watchsite I own (and which is currently under construction), omega-addict.I found these Longines replica watches two messages to be the most interesting ones hi , my name is .i am looking for a omega watch around $500-600.please some information to me.thanks I only could answer go vintage, or safe up some more’.And this one was in my mailbox as well:Dear Sir,Can you supply me??I want to buy :# Bulgari CH35BSSDAUTO watches for 3 units.